Boris Becker fotografierte Kindergartenschüler und ehemalige Frauenkinder.

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Boris Becker is a well-known former professional tennis player, who in recent years has turned his attention to photography. However, his latest photography project has stirred up controversy.

The project involved photographing kindergarten children and the women who had been their nannies or babysitters in the past. The images were taken in black and white, and showed the children sitting or standing next to their former caretakers.

While some may view this project as sentimental or even heartwarming, others feel that it is highly inappropriate. Many people are concerned about the ethics of photographing young children without their consent, and especially in a way that may make them appear vulnerable.

In addition, some critics are also questioning whether it is appropriate for Boris Becker to be focusing on women who were previously his clients. There are concerns about power dynamics and whether the women involved were able to freely consent to being photographed.

Despite the controversy, Boris Becker has defended his project as a celebration of the bond between children and their caregivers. He has argued that the images are meant to be nostalgic, and to capture a moment in time that can never be recreated.

However, the backlash against the project has been strong, with many people calling for the images to be taken down or for Becker to apologize for the project. This controversy highlights the sensitive nature of photography when it involves young children, and the importance of considering the ethics and power dynamics involved when taking photographs of people who may have less agency.

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